To mark the 15th anniversary of the Mumbai High North Platform disaster, Trish and Traci discussed what happened that day in 2005. This incident started off as a rather mundane issue -- the cook at the site was injured and needed evacuation. A series of unfortunate events, precipitated by weather conditions, led to the deaths of 22 people. All said, 362 people needed to be rescued that day. The major lesson learned: you have to be creative when thinking about what could go wrong.

Trains carrying dangerous cargo like crude oil -- is it the right way to go? Applying process safety principles like inherently safer design could prevent derailments, explosions and deaths. In this episode, Trish & Traci examine the recent uptick in crude oil derailments and what could be done to prevent them.

In this episode of Process Safety with Trish & Traci, we learn how Trish landed in the role of director of the IChemE Safety Centre. The mishaps and safety incidents she was involved in led to her passion to ensure process-safety standards were practiced all over the world. It's a dream job that began with an aviation fueling accident.

Having to accommodate social distancing practices along with other precautions to ensure workers are safe is a challenge but not insurmountable. Trish & Traci discuss new ways to do old things 

You can effectively address your workforce if you factor in how you will interact with the attendees, how you will get their feedback, how you will encourage discussion amongst them.

This episode of Process Safety With Trish & Traci uncovers best practices for presenting and attending safety training virtually.

This podcast takes a look at major process safety incidents -- West Texas, Deepwater Horizon and others. Trish Kerin, director of IChemE Safety Centre, and Traci Purdum, senior editor with Chemical Processing, discuss what happened and what was learned.

This episode of Process Safety With Trish & Traci details tips and tactics to better lead during trying times -- whether it’s a global pandemic or just a time of critical importance. Spoiler: Self-care is important as is a sense of fun.

Having thorough and up-to-date process safety documentation will enable plant personnel and first responders to act quickly. Knowledge is power -- be sure that if something goes wrong you know what to do about it. This episode of Process Safety with Trish & Traci offers sage advice. 

Is inherently safer design really safer? Short answer is yes -- but you have to understand the tradeoffs. In this edition of Process Safety with Trish & Traci we delve into past incidents and lessons learned. We also reveal a fun fact about Trevor Kletz. 

This episode of Process Safety with Trish & Traci discusses the topic of punishment for acts that directly relate to safety incidents. While true accidents happen, there are cases where corporate wrongdoing is the reason for injury or loss of life. 

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